Oxalis Corymba Aureo-recticulata 5 bulbils

Oxalis Corymba Aureo-recticulata 5 bulbils

A very beautiful Oxalis with green leaves with a gold venination.

Firstly I will point out this Oxalis is not like Oxalis Triangularis which grows from its large bulbs in a matter of days...Corymbosa adult bulbs are not very big they way the reproduce is growing bulbils around the base of the mother bulb. 

I sell these smaller bulbils to plant which will all grow in to a mature plant.  When you plant the bulbs they will take anything from 6 weeks onwards to sprout if give the correct conditions. I always find the plants pop up one at a time and on their own accordance.

You can plant these at any time of the year but they require warmth to sprout, many previous sellers have used a heated propagator to get them going especially over the winter months if they are not placed in a warms spot they can take months to wake up (I know from past experience), I find bulbs sown in spring/summer will pop up with out any extra help.  Do not keep the compost too wet to start with as the bulbils will rot so just give gentle watering's when the compost dries, once the plants pop up regular watering can commence.

Plants require a nice sunny spot.

When the plant goes dormant  dry the pot out and remove the bulbs and replant in to fresh compost and off you go again.

Can be grown in the house or outdoors during the spring/summer.

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