About Us

Welcome to West Cornwall Carnivores we have been growing Carnivorous plants for many years and have been growing and collecting plants for over 30 years.

The Nursery is not open to visitors we are an online plant nursery.

We grow a range of very easy to keep Carnivorous plant so ideal for the beginner to the avid collector.

On off is a selection of Dionaea, Drosera, Mexican Pinguicula, Utricularia plants and seed....we specialise in Sarracenia plant species and hybrids, we hybridise our own seed crosses which are sold annual around November.

All of our plants are all propagated from our own stock via plant splitting or cuttings and seed grown.

The majority of plants for sale are the exact plant you see in the picture.  We like to offer small plants all the way up to big sized rhizomed plants, so bare this in mind if you buy a bigger size plant it will cost more as it will have taken a long time to grow to this size.  We prefer to offer bigger sized plants over tiny tiny sing grow point as you get a better display straight away.

Plants are mostly provided bare root ready for you to pot on.  We use courier services to send out the bigger plants in long boxes so 99% of the time we do not need to bend any pitchers.

Of course rare and slow growing plants will be on offer at smaller size due to speed of growth and sales demand.

Also we grow many other plants which will be listed on the website.

This website/nursery is run by one person and the website is a work in progress so expect changes as I go on this journey!