Oxalis Corymbosa Variegated 5 bulbils

Oxalis Corymbosa Variegated 5 bulbils


5 very small bulbils will be sent.

** Before you buy please take this in to mind.

The plant is very slow growing initially.

The plant doesn't like high temperatures or very bright light.

Is notorious that not all bulbs will be variegated, this is a risk you take in buying.**

This is a very special Oxalis which is very rarely offered.

I would say this isn't a plant for a beginner as this will require a lot of patience.

The bulbs for this Oxalis are very small I warn you!  Like the other Corymbosa I sell the bulbs take many many weeks to sprout easily 6-8 weeks if not more and once they do sprout the plant takes quite some time to mature and grow. 

The plant will grow a main bulb and from that will form tiny bulbils, this is what I send out.

I would suggest you start these bulbs off in spring and place them in a propagator just to ensure they get warmer temperatures, if you have a heated propagator even better.  If you are planting these in winter you will need to make sure they are in a warm spot.

Once the plant is growing I have found they do not tolerate a lot of sunshine or the leaves will burn and the plant will go dormant again.  I personally grow them in spot where they receive some bright filtered morning sun and then filtered light for the rest of the day.  

The plant will go dormant and at this point allow the pot to dry and remove the bulbs and replant in to fresh compost.

This is a very beautiful plant and well worth the effort to grow it.

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